Intra-articular and Intramuscular Injections Neural Therapy
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Intra-articular and Intramuscular Injections Neural Therapy


What is Neural Therapy?

A healthy person has a free flow of energy in his body. Injury, illness, malnutrition, stress and even scars disrupt this free flow and lead to the formation of energy disorganizations, called intervention zones. German researchers have determined that 40% of diseases and chronic pain are caused by intervention zones in the body. The goal of neural therapy is to correct this intervention and treat the disease or symptom. It means to affect the nervous system for recovery. The autonomic nervous system is a very large electrical network system in our body. This nervous system is a bioelectrical network that reaches every cell and controls its work. (The length that wraps our whole body like a net is 500,000 km.) This system manages the work of all internal organs such as the heart, respiratory and digestive system, our hormones, body temperature Ph, metabolism, and our emotions; In other words, it is the nervous system that works involuntarily, which ensures the continuation of life by maintaining the internal balance of the body. Disturbances in this network form the basis of all our diseases. Since neural therapy corrects these disorders, it provides effective treatment for all diseases. It is possible to treat the disease from its source with this effect, which cannot be achieved with drug therapy. Although neural therapy is a method widely used to relieve chronic pain, it is also used for allergies, cold sores, headaches, asthma, arthritis, rheumatic diseases, hormone irregularity, sports or muscle injuries, gallbladder, heart, liver diseases, depression, headache. It is also therapeutic for menstrual pain and cramps, skin and circulation problems. It should not be confused with needle treatments applied to the body by some physicians. (Dry Needle, Acupuncture etc.) Neural therapy is a method of treating pain and organ functional disorders using 1% local anesthetic. Neural therapy makes permanent regulation in the body with a completely different biophysical effect. Neural Therapy, which is a natural treatment method, can be easily applied even to pregnant and lactating mothers. It has no side effects, the treatment is completely permanent.

To Whom Can Neural Therapy Be Applied?  

Neural therapy can be applied to all age groups, including children and the elderly. Blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases etc. Diseases such as diseases and drugs used do not prevent treatment. In patients using only cortisone, the effectiveness of the treatment may decrease as the body is completely suppressed.

How is Neural Therapy Applied?

Neural Therapy is an injection therapy. It is applied to the skin, gums, all wounds and surgical scars in the body, and vaccines. Thin and small insulin needle tips are generally used in applications. The aim is not to make a needle, it creates a bio-electric effect in the neural system. The areas where the needle will be made may vary depending on the patient and his complaint. Needles are made to the nerve and also to the vascular access.

How should the treatment process be?

The treatment is done in sessions and can be applied in 2-3 sessions per week or intermittently. Treatments are available, sometimes spanning months. The duration of treatment varies according to the patient and does not exceed 10 sessions. Neural treatments, which are usually completed in a few months, can continue from where they left off if the complaints recur in the long term.

How Did Neural Therapy Emerge?

The idea that the nervous system affects all body functions, which forms the basis of neural therapy, dates back to a Russian physiologist named Ivan Petrov, who lived in Germany in the late 1800s. In the 1940s, physicians Ferdinand and Walter Huneke further developed this philosophy. They suggested that injections of local anesthetics also act on distant parts of the body and shaped their theory with a clinical trial on a patient suffering from shoulder pain. When Ferdinand Huneke injected an anesthetic drug directly into an existing scar on the patient’s leg, the patient’s shoulder pain subsided within minutes. The development of neural therapy and the concept of intervention zones emerged from this experiment. The basic logic in Neural Therapy is regulation; is regulation. Therefore, it is the regulation of a structure that has indications. An anatomical deficiency or a genetic disorder does not constitute neural therapy indications. This treatment method (Neuraltherapy), which was found in Germany in 1940 and is widely used by physicians in Europe, is not only a permanent treatment method, but also a preventive medicine method. Because the basic pathology of all diseases is the same, from cancer to a simple pain, from a viral disease such as the flu to allergies. Perfusion, lymphatic drainage and innervation are impaired in all tissues or bodies that are sick, and Neural Therapy is a method that is used very effectively both in the fight against diseases and in maintaining a healthy state (preventive medicine) with the regulation of these systems. Neural Therapy, which has been applied for a long time in the West (Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria), provides completely natural and permanent results with no side effects.

Diseases Using Neural Therapy?

1- In the treatment of migraine and headaches
2- In the treatment of muscle-based pain such as neck, back and waist pains
3- Relief of pain in waist and neck hernias
4- Joint diseases (meniscus tear, decrease in fluid in the joint, sports injuries)
5- Treatment of pain caused by nerve compression
6- Treatment of rheumatic diseases
7- Treatment of allergic diseases such as allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis (balance disorder in the immune system)
8- Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, treatment of tennis elbow
9- Elimination of menopause problems
10- Treatment of menstrual irregularities and severe menstrual pain
11- Reproductive problems due to hormonal disorder
12- Treatment of chronic tonsillitis (inflammation of the throat that does not go away)
13- Treatment of chronic sinusitis
14- Treatment of fibromyalgia (widespread muscle pain), constant feeling of tiredness and weakness
15- Treatment of mental illnesses such as depression and panic attacks
16- Treatment of chronic constipation
17- Treatment of intestinal diseases (irritable colon syndrome, ulcerative colitis and crohn)
18- Treatment of facial paralysis
19- Trigeminal neuralgia treatment
20- Sports injuries
21- Detox
22- Anti Aging (prevention of aging)
23- Restless legs syndrome
24- Before radiotherapy