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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center

We serve our patients in our centers in Istanbul Fulya and Suadiye with our experience of more than fifteen years in the field of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, especially in Orthopedic and Sportive Rehabilitation.

Our center, which has been operating in Suadiye, Kadıköy since 1997, has the capacity to serve 15-18 patients at the same time and is equipped with high-level exercise equipment for rehabilitation purposes, especially computerized isokinetic muscle strength measurement and exercise test device HUMAC/NORM.

Our Fulya center was put into operation in 2003 and since May 2013, Dikilitaş Mah. Hakki Yeten Cad. No:14 Fulya/Beşiktaş provides service at its new address. In our center, 10 patients can be served at the same time, hygienic changing rooms and shower facilities, and high-level exercise equipment for rehabilitation, especially monitorized isokinetic muscle strength measurement and exercise test device CYBEX.

Continuous wireless internet connection is available to our patients in our centers.

Since our establishment, we have treated and continue to treat thousands of patients who need physiotherapy and rehabilitation, as well as many Turkish and foreign athletes, especially professional football teams, players playing professional indoor sports, as well as many Turkish and foreign athletes competing in team sports and individual sports.

Why Sportomed?

When your comfort of life decreases due to orthopedic injuries, Sportomed is used in order to reach your daily life and goals as soon as possible and to increase your quality of life as soon as possible.

Because in our physical therapy and rehabilitation centers;

Patients’ goals are important to us

taking into account the specific goals of each patient,

Respect for patient rights and medical ethics

with respect to patient rights and medical ethics,

Keep up with the latest medical developments

By following the latest medical developments closely, we are ready to reach out to our patients.

Because we are happy to use all the knowledge and practices that we know and will continue to learn so that our patients can go one step higher.

Because we are trying to do our job believing that it is our duty in the social division of labor and we are very happy to do this job.

Our Working Principles

We adopt and apply the following working principles in our centers.

  1. We fully respect patient rights,
  2. Every patient is special,
  3. It is essential for the patient to reach and, if possible, exceed the quality of life before the disability,
  4. The target to be reached by each patient is different, unique to him,
  5. We apply a treatment schedule, taking into account each patient’s own schedule,
  6. We fully inform each of our patients about their health status, the medical procedures to be applied to them, their benefits and risks, alternative treatment methods and the course of their disease,
  7. We take utmost care to serve each of our patients in a clean, hygienic and spacious environment,
  8. We regularly inform the doctors who refer our patients to our centers,
  9. Principles of medical ethics and deontology are essential,
  10. We closely follow current scientific developments, technology and education studies.