Sportomed Fizik Tedavi ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezleri

What is Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation?

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is a complement of activities inorder to alleviate pain,functional loss and disability caused by diseases,traumas,injuries and maintaining the patient’s free daily activities by using multidisciplinary methods.

What is Pysical Therapy?

Physical therapy is practised by using physical agents in agreable disorders,time and amount, inorder to relieve pain,edema,inflammation,muscle stiffness and spasm that limits the motion.For this purpose the most common utilised physical therapy agents are;Infrared,Hot/Cold Pack,Parafin(superficial heaters),Ultrasound,Short Wave Radiation (deep tissue heaters),various electrical currents,massage and traction.

Physical therapy alone is complementary part of the treatment rather than beeing lasting remedy of the disease.It helps relieve pain and maintains comfort.To regain premorbid skills and a long-lasting life comfort can be possible with rehabilitation.

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is a wide ranged term meaning ‘regaining the lost functions’.Compared to physical therapy,it is a much longer duration of period that needs the active volunteer of the patient.

‘Rehabilitation’concept emerged from the necessities of the diseases and the disabled after I. and II.World War in USA and Europe.In Turkey,Rehabilitation concept was put into practice a few years later by medical doctors who were educated abroad.

‘Rehabilitation’ term was used previously only for the ‘medical treatment of the disabled’.Later on, the range of this term was expanded.All the efforts to relieve the diseases completely or incompletely;by medical,surgical,physical procedures and methods and maintaining the patients’physical,mental,social and economic freedom,is called ’Rehabilitation’.

The Rehabilitation programmes are carried out by not a single specialist,but with a staff.

The Rehabilitation staff consists of; a medical doctor who is specialised in physical therapy and rehabilitation,physiotherapists and specialists from various disciplines.


All painfull conditions; Cervical,Lumbar discopathies,
shoulder,knee,hip disorders,,

Orthopedic injuries,
Orthopedic pre and post-operative conditions,
Sports injuries,                                                 
Rheumatoid diseases,
Neurologic disorders.