Sportomed Fizik Tedavi ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezleri

When professionals who earn their life with their body activities like athletes,theater actors/actresses,ballets and dance players, have an accident,it is of great importance for them to resume work.

In case of any impairment; weakened muscles,coordination and endurance  loss are unwilling regressions.If losses are not interfered in time,regaining and resuming professional life will take a long period.That’s why the patient must be supported and fascilitated with specific treatment modalities suitable for his/her profession.

It is of vital importance;

  • To relieve pain and inflammation,
  • Enhance tissue repair,
  • Provide tissue healing in its original form,
  • Eliminate the restrictive factors that cause impairment and improve the range of motion,
  • And re- gain the conditioning properties back.

The Conditioning Properties:

Speediness-agility :To perform skills in normal speed.

Nerve-muscle coordination: To perform skills excellently and to reduce the risk of disability.

Flexibility of muscles: To achieve the motion in maximum yield and subside the risk of disability.

Muscle strength: To achieve motions that need paired struggle and force.

Endurance; To perform the motions excellently in a long duration of time.

The most important part of rehabilitation is to improve all these in proper time,velocity and correct exercises.It is possible to resume professional work only if all these stages of rehabilitation are accomplished.Lack of muscle strength and/or balance,nerve-muscle coordination and flexibility will reduce the performance and worst of all, may cause a re-enjury.