Sportomed Fizik Tedavi ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezleri

Individuals who have experienced spine disorders,meniscus tear,musculoskeletal injury,joint replacement or degenerative joint diseases etc.,are often sustained to limited function,mobility and pain.

We visit a physician when our body movements are impaired,limited or painfull, caused by diseases,accidents,posture disorders etc.With correct diagnosis and treatment,we make effort to alleviate our complaints and resume our life qualities.The pathologic conditions like fracture and sprain are treated by a physician by their standart methods.

Recovery isn’t just alleviation of pain or bone union!

Eliminating the real causes of complaints will indeed go parellel with pain relief.But in this period,some complications like limitations and pain in joint motion,weakness and fatigue will ocur.This will hinder us from performing our daily activities. For example; In case of shoulder pain,we cannot comb our hair.Post-op knee and ankle weakness can cause difficulty in climbing stairs.Or tendon pathologies in the wrist may cause severe pain when writing or using keyboard.
‘To resume our daily activities in shortest time’.This is the meaning of recovery.

An advanced and comprehensive Rehabilitation program is necessary for tissue healing,restoring physical function,building strength and endurance,improving balance and regaining mobility to perform daily activities.