Sportomed Fizik Tedavi ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezleri


In the healthy body there is a free energy flow.Injuries,disease, nutritional disorders, stress ,electro smog and scar tissues (surgery,vaccination etc.) can cause disturbances in the energy flow.German scientists have discoverrd that % 40 of the diseases and chronic pain source from interference fields in the body.

The goal of the Neural Therapy is to correct this intervention and treat the disorder or symptom , by means of neural system.

How Does Neural Therapy Work?

A German neurophysiologist,Albert Fleckenstein demonstrated that cells in the scar tissues have a different membrane potential from normal body cells,which functions like a 1.5 volt battery implanted in the body.If a cell has lost its normal membrane potential,abnormal minerals and toxic substances accumulate inside the cell.As a result,the cell loses the ability to heal itself and resume to its normal function.Local Anesthetics act on the cell wall to restore the membrane potential; they correct the bioelectric disturbances at specific areas of the Autonomic Nervous System (Neurovegatative).By reestablishing the normal electrical condition of cells and nerves,the disturbed functions are also restored as there is no anatomical disturbance.

What is the Autonomic (Neurovegetative) Nervous System?

The Autonomic Nervous System is a vast network of electrical circuits,having a total length of vascular functions,circulation,body temperature,Ph,digestion,metabolism,hormonal functions,our twelve times the circumference of the earth (500.000 km),connecting every one of our 40 trillion cells.This autonomic system controls the vital processes in our body;it regulates breathing,cardio feelings; that means it regulates our homoestasis without our awareness.In other words,every cell in our body is connected not only to each other,but largely controlled by it.The disorders in this network form the basic of the diseases.Neural Therapy corrects these disturbances and provides remedy for disorders that cannot be treated with other modalities.

NT is not only one of the most widely used modalities in the treatment of chronic pain,but aiso effective for other medical disease such as allergies,injuries,headache,asthma,arthrosis,chronic bowel and digestion problems,infertility,skin and circulation problems and many other conditions.

NT differs from other modalities like Acupuncture,Dry Needling etc.It is an injection technique,administering %1 of Local Anesthetic(Procain or Lidocain) into various specific areas like acupuncture points,trigger points,scars(post-op or deep cuts),injured tissues,nerves and ganglions(cluster of nerves where information is exchanged),vaccinations,burns,dental procedures and i.v.

A correctly administered NT injection can often successfully and lastingly resolve chronic long standing ilness and chronic pain.

Who Can Receive Neural Therapy?

NT can be administered in every age group; including children and old people.Diaorders like high/low Blood Pressure,Diabetes Mellitus,Cardiovascular Disorders etc and drugs are not contraindicated for the treatment.Only cortisone intake may subside the effectiveness of the treatment.Because it is a natural remedy,it can be performed in pregnant and nursing women.

What is the Duration of the Treatment?

NT sessions can be done 2 or 3 times a week or intermittantly.In some instances the therapy spreadsfor months.The duration of the therapy is specific to the patient but usually does not exceed 10 sessions.Long-term therapies can be initiated again if the complaints relapse.

How did Neural Therapy Start?

The basis for NT started with the use of cocaine as a local anesthetic in the late 1800’s by great scientists like Pavlov and Sigmund Freud.Pavlov recognized the coordinating influence of the nervous system upon all organic functions.
In 1906,the German surgeon,Spiess discovered that wounds and inflammatory processes subsided more quickly and with fewer complications after injection with the newly discovered Novocain (Procain).

The famous French surgeon Lerich,described the injection of Novocain as the surgeon’s ‘bloodless knife’when he performed the first nerve block into the stellate ganglion for intractable arm pain in 1925.

Modern NT owes its discovery in 1925 observed by two physicians; Ferdinand and Walter Huneke,who for years attempted to help their sister who suffered migraine attacks.During an attack,Ferdinand injected his sister intravenously with a remedy that they realized later contained Procaine.The severe migraine attack vanished and never occured.

Later in 1940 F.Huneke observed the ‘lightning reaction’,discovering that a scar can produce an ‘interference field’.A patient presented to him with a frozen shoulder that had been refractory to all kinds of therapies.When Huneke injected Procain into the scar in her leg where she had surgery years ago,almost immediately she obtained painless and full range of motion in her shoulder.This was the first observation that NT could affect the far side of the body.

The basics of NT is; regulation of the body that hasn’t an anatomical and congenital impairment.

NT,which was originally developed in Germany since 1940 and used widely by physicians in Europe,is not only a long-lasting remedy but also a modality for preventive medicine.Any organ(heart,eye,bowel,joint etc) never becomes diseased in isolation,but as a symptom of the whole individual.In the diseased tissues or body perfusion,lymphatic drainage and innervation is interfered and NT provides your body nourishment and remove interference fields so that it can regulate and heal itself with the highest function.


1.Migraine and headache
2.Cervical,dorsal,lumbar muscle strain
3.Discopathies (Cervical,lumbar)
4.Joint disorders (meniscopathies,sports injuries)
5.Nerve entrapment syndromes (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
6.Rheumatoid diseases
7.Allergic Asthma,Allergic Rhinitis(Immun system disturbances)
8.Tennis,Golf player’s elbow
9.Menapouse symptoms
10.Menstruation disturbances,dysmenorhea
11.Hormonal problems
12.Chronic tonsillitis
13.Chronic sinusitis
16.Chronic constipation
17.Colon disorders (Irritable colon,Ulcerative Colitis,Crohn’s disease)
18.Fascial paralysis
19.Trigeminal Neuralgia
20.Sports injuries
23.Restless Leg Syndrome,cramps
24 Prior to Radiotherapie