Sportomed Fizik Tedavi ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezleri


Pilates is centralization technique using mind and body to focus on lumbo-pelvic stability.Performing of the Pilates exercises in combination with correct respiration techniques, not only alleviates pain,but helps the quality of the motions.

Pilate exercises differ from other exercises in that it aimes to stabilize the muscles.The important point is that the motions are not repetetive but performed in combination.Awareness and control between muscles,needs focused concentration.Even a simple movement can be felt strong and forceful.

Pilates achieves a good posture,strong muscles and flexibility of the body.It is an approved technique for maintaining good balance,coordination,body strength and shape and reducing stress.

Why Modified (Clinic) Pilates?

Following an injury or operation,our body gets into a defence position and tries to protect the injured or painful area.This creates imbalance between muscles.In order to perform functional movements,the patient overuses his/her healthy muscles.Therefore inbalance between the muscles are compansated.Consequently,with the treatmentsn introduced,current disfunctions are corrected and the body is re-educated to prevent habitual injuries.

For this reason,Pilates exercises are part of rehabilitation programmes.The traditional Pilates that was founded by Joseph Pilates for dancers and athletes, has difficulties in practising on sedentary people.The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI),whose founders are physiotherapists,took the original exercises and modified them for people with injury as well for the beginners.These Modified Pilates exercises form a part of the rehabilitation programmes in the Physical Therapy clinics.


Which Group of Patients Benefit from Modified (Clinic) Pilates?

  • We recommend Modified Pilates for;
  • Spine Disorders (Cervical,back and low back pain)
  • Orthopedic Disorders;(hip,knee etc)
  • Postural disorders (back pain due to long duration of office work)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pregnancy (during and after)
  • Sedentary people who are willing to start a sport.

What are the Benefits of Modified (Clinic) Pilates? 

  • It improves your posture by arising your body awareness.
  • It strengthens all your body muscles.
  • It strenghtens your pelvic floor muscles
  • It increases the flexibility of the body
  • It improves coordination
  • It increases the balance
  • It provides correct inspirium control
  • It prevents the frequency of injuries.

Modified Pilates (Clinic) During and after Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most special period in a woman’s life.It is the aim of all the women to spend this period in a cosy,happy and problem- free way.The hormonal changes during pregnancy aid the mother during labour,but on the other hand,it causes laxity in the tendons,intaarticular ligaments and muscles.In the later stages of pregnancy,as the fetus grows,the mother’s posture begins to change.When the balance center of the body changes,back,low back and pelvis pain is suffered.As a result of week pelvic floor muscles,suppport to the uterus and urinary bladder decreases; that’s why when the fetus grows,urinary incontinance can be seen while sneezing or coughing.

The existing musculo-skeletal and spine disorders (scoliosis,cervical,lumbar discopathies) before pregnancy may cause new complaints.

With the aid of regularly modified pilates exercises; possible complaints can be hindered ,existing pain can be minimilized and a healthy and cozy period can ne maintained during pregnancy.
Modified (Clinic) Pilates strenghtens especially the deep muscles that support the spine (tr.abdominus,multifidus etc)and pelvic floor muscles; that’s why they are of great importance during a healthy pregnancy period.The combination of exercises with respiration helps the mother a safe labour and increases the amount of oxygen that the mother and fetus needs during pregnancy.

It isn’t a handicap for the pregnant woman to practise pilates,no matter if she hasn’t an experience.Using convenient positions for each period,choosing appropriate materials,correct inspiration technique,coordination and controlled motion patterns,makes pilates safe during pregnancy.

Hamilelikte pilatesin faydaları nelerdir?pelvic taban kaslarını kuvvetlendirir,

  • It strenghtens pelvic floor muscles,
  • It relieves back pain,
  • It improves balance and coordination,
  • With the combination of inspirium exercises,aids in safe labour.
  • It ceases fear of labour,
  • Psychologically prepares the candidate to motherhood,
  • It helps the uterus to recover after birth.

What is the correct time to start Pilates?

  • It isn’t a disadvantage no matter if you never done pilates before.
  • You can begin at any stage of your pregnancy as long as you have your doctor’s consent.
  • In case there is no obstacle,you can continue pilates exercises once or twice a week until labour..

What is the Characteristic of a Modified (Clinic) Pilates Trainer?

Modified Pilates is a treatment and exercise method that is practised by physiotherapists in their clinics as a part of the rehabilitation programmes.

A specialized Modified Pilates trainer primarily analysis your body posture and determines your weak and strong muscles(head-neck position,shoulders and back posture,low back and pelvis position,knee and feet positions are examined in detail)

Your general health condition (health disorders,surgery,spine mobility, range of motion,pain etc.), profession,your daily activities and sports history are evaluated.According to these information, your trainer will determine the suitable exercise regimen tailored for you.

In case you have a health problem,she will consult your doctor when necessary.Besides this,if you have complaints during exercise,(pain,joint limitation,altered blood pressure etc.),your trianer will quit the program and conduct you to the concerning physician.Your trainer must share her observations with you and your aimand expectations must be determined together.

Your exercise program must include stability,mobility,stretch and balance exercises according to your needs,the motions must be performed in appropriate positions with the correct inspiration techniques;daily program must include warming,specific exercises and cooling techniques that take an hour each session.The exercises must be definitely painless Your trainer must give you home or office exercisesThey must be performed correctly and repetitively.As your endurance (strength) increases, repetition number must be increased.

The individual (patient-specific) exercise program for beginners must start on matt; the basic principles of pilates(core alignment,inspirium-thorax placement etc.) must be thought correctly.The trainer must use auxillary apparatus (swiss ball,magic circle,theraband,form roller etc.) for complicating or facilitating the exercise patterns according to your needs.To reach the goal,continuity of the exercises is of importance.Within a 4 weeks program,progressions must be determined and when you are ready,you are processed to a higher level of exercises.As progression in matt exercises are achieved,other pilates apparatus (reformer, barrel,chair trapez etc) must be included in the exercise program in the direction of the goals.