Sportomed Fizik Tedavi ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezleri

Deniz SÖĞÜTLÜ (Industrial Designer)

‘In August 2015 I had mosaicplasty operation.In September I started rehabilitation in Sportomed.It is a special place because they approach you not just as a patient but an individual.They take care of every problem during the therapy and respond to all your questions.The staff is well cooperative and attentive.I thank my therapist Banu and to all the staff.’


image-dividerŞevket Burak DÖRDÜNCÜ (Opera Singer)

“I know the importance of physical therapy ; all you hear about the pocedure,is not so easy ,you have to experience it.I had delayed about a month; the 10 sessions of Physical therapy that my doctor had recommended after my meniscus operation.I visited Sportomed with severe pain and limping.After the physical therapy program my pain completely ceased and the swelling diminished considerably.Besides this, my knee gained remarkable strength.With the experienced staff of Sportomed, I will return to my previous position…”



Birkan BATUK (National Basketball player-Anadolu Efes)

“I own my resume to basketball in such a short time as 5 months, to the talented physiotherapists in Sportomed.In accordance with my surgeon Prof.Dr.Tahsin BEYZADEOĞLU,we planned physical therapy and rehabilitation program together and the treatment process was achieved excellently.”



Ersin KURUEL (National Wrestler,Body Builder)

“For years I had tried body building,but all I had done was to lift heavy weights which harmed my joints.This time Prof.Dr.Tahsin BEYZADEOĞLU helped me.After a Professional,marvelous surgery and followed physical therapy program by my magic hand physiotherapist Tarık and the staff at Suadiye Sportomed Clinic,I resumed to my exercises again”


Merve GÜNOK (Student)

“During my six years adventure in Sportomed,I earned sisters,brothers and friends, each who were special.When I was first injured,I was younger and very concerned but with my physiotherapists Nermin and Tarık,I got so much used to Sportomed that I cannot leave :))Since 2008 I have been treated in Sportomed because I am injured cotinously from different sites in my body.I think I am looking for a reason to come to Sportomed.I worked with almost all the therapists in Sportomed.;Mustafa,Deniz,Ertan..Nowadays I am attending Pilates lessons which was of great benefit to me,with my physiotherapist Serpil.I am so happy to be acquainted with all these people,I thank them for their care and efforts to keep their sincerety:)) In another words,it was never so fun to be injured:))”


Aslı TÜRKER (Volleyball Player)

“Following my Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury,I found Sportomed as my second home.I want to thank all the therapists,especially Nermin MOL,and the Sportomed family who helped me recover in pre and post-operative period.I am very lucky to be treated here.”

Prof. Dr. Gamze TORUN KÖSE (Yeditepe University,Genetics and Bioengineering)

“Thank you to dear Sportomed family,who made me believe that my balet career could start after the age of 40!!! Sincerely…”



Ebru BULGURCU (National Wheelchair Tennis Team Player)

“I was treated one and a half year for shoulder pain after sports injury.But as a result of misdiagnose I could’nt recover completely.The Director of the Sport Federation Health Association Ms.Nevin guided me to her student Murat Menderes ÇAĞLAR.After physical examination I learned that I needed surgery.Pre-op dear Ms. Banu and post-op dear Ms.Nilüfer have successfully accomplished my therapy program.After the correct diagnose and therapy I regained my health with the support of Sportomed family and looking forward to represent my country in international tournaments.I am greatly thankful for all the Sportomed family for their help and support.”



Hakan EVİN (Businessman)

“Because of my chronic knee injury, I have visited many Physical Therapy clinics in Istanbul with failing results.I had begun to think that I could no longer walk properly nor run, when I visited Sportomed.This place is not just standart Physiotherapy center but the first clinic I have ever seen in which correct diagnosis and injury-specific exercises and pilates training programs are introduced.With Orhan ŞAKİR’s patience and experience and Serpil ŞAKİR’s complementary modified pilates training programs, I can run 3 times a week now.It is the only Physical Rehabilitation clinic that I recommend to my friends and family.Thank you Sportomed…”



Figen Feray ERGİL (Tourism manager)

“After my surgery I was so uneasy when I first visited Sportomed but the care and support was very nice.I could endure my pain with the help of the physiotherapists.Besides that they do their job excellently, they make you feel and share everything like at home.In a  sincere and professional  atmosphere, you won’t want to skip your sessions.I thank all the staff for their passion and care.I especially thank to Nilüfer,who could feel my pain.I shall visit you later for coffee.”



Bahattin DURAN (FIFA Co-Arbitrator) 

“I first visited Sportomed in 2011.That summer we were preparing for the World Young Football Championship in Colombia and I was injured following intensive training program. I recovered in a short time with the help of all the experienced physiotherapists in Sportomed, especially  Tarık.That year we directed half-final in Colombia.The next year I visited Sportomed for my cervical pain and we directed EURO 2012 half-final.And we came to the year 2014…We are going to World  Championship and I think I have to come here again:))”



Arber BERISHA (Basketball player-Bandırma Kırmızı)

“I was so lucky to have my physiotherapi program in Sportomed.Besides the friendship of the physiotherapists and the warm atmosphere that makes you feel like home, and with the special sports rehabilitation program that they carry out, I want to return to my team in the new season as fast as possible…”


Oktay POP (Football Player-Elazığ)

“A short time after my operation,I visited Sportomed.Would that I knew,I could have visited before.The place is warm,friendly and the staff is so much experienced.I thank to all the physiotherapists sincerely who were involved in my therapy program…”



Mehmet ÇOĞUM (Football player-TKI Tavşanlı Linyitspor)

“The Physiotherapy sessions that I had attended in Sportomed, probably are the best memories I remember about my injury.I consider that the vocational and psycological approach of the physiotherapists’  to every patient fastens the remedies.Thank you Sportomed…”



Yusuf SEZGİN (Chairmain of the Board of Moviestar Association)

“Years ago, unaware of  my knee problem,I met my son’s friend dear Murat. After his diagnose and 6 months of therapy,I thank to Murat,Ms.Nermin who was so much involved in my therapy,and all the physiotherapists for relieving my pain and helping me to recover. I send my warm regards  and respect to you all ”



Selma GÜNERİ (Moviestar)

“Dear Murat ,I thank you and all your colleagues Orhan,Tarık,Nermin and Banu for the care and friendship you showed me and my son Umut Sezgin during our physical therapies…We regained our health…Besides this, our long-term friendship is very important for us…We thank you again so much…”



Umut SEZGİN (Actor-Dubbing Artist)

“In the year 2011,because of my knee pain I knew Sportomed,and of course my friend Murat,with whom our friendship goes on.They were so much concerned with me that I cannot thank enough…Especially Murat,Orhan,Tarık,Banu,Nermin,Evrim and sister Halime (Halişko) had so great effort on me, I will never forget.Thanks again for everything…Sportomed is not just a physical therapy clinic but it is a warm family.With regards…”



Furkan GÜZEL (Portuguese Tutor)

“Sportomed is not only a physical therapy center but is a warm place where, with the experienced and friendly staff I psycologically feel well and won’t like to leave.Thanks for everything…”


Erdem SONAT (Volleyball player)

“I had an  Achille Tendon rupture 2.5 months ago.When I visited Sportomed,I didn’t think I could recover so fast.With the best equipment and smiling,professional physitherapists,they made great effort  physically and psycologically to help me.I feel myself lucky to choose Sportomed and to be acquainted with its staff.I thank to you all… ”



Ertan İÇEL (Banker)

“The first time I visited Sportomed was when I had a right hip arthroscopy after an injury.The experienced and smiling staff of Sportomed  helped me to get on my feet again.This year after my right hip arthroscopy,I undoubtly chose Sportomed again.I am so grateful to the staff who helped my recuperation.I advice Sportomed to all athletes and patients”



Berk ŞENGÖZ (Indoors Designer-Aydın University)

“After my knee surgery following patella fracture and medial,lateral ligament rupture,I was convinced that this was the correct place for physical therapy.I realised how I longed for stepping firmly on the ground.Besides this, the close attention and care of the physiotherapists and the staff gave me spiritual comfort and confidence.Thanks for everything… ”



Barışcan AKKAYA (Basketball Player-Darüşşafaka Sport Club)

“I thank so much to the smiling and professional Sportomed family for their best care and attention during my physiotherapy period after my injury ”


Hasan AYDINLI (Football Player-Sarıyer)

“After my ACL surgery,the moment I visited Sportomed,I was so warm and sincerely welcommed.I thank to all the staff for their kindness.Physiotherapists are the best that I had worked with before and I feel safe here.”



Emre BELEZOĞLU (Football Player-Fenerbahçe)

“I would like to express my gratitude to all the skilled physiotherapists and the warm staff of Sportomed,especially to Orhan ŞAKİR,our physiotherapist of The National Football A Team.I entrust myself,my sports friends and my family to skilled hands of Sportomed.Sportomed is Number 1 in Physiotherapi and Rehabilitation.”



Ferhan ŞENTÜRK (Retired  House Wife)

“Following a fall I had an ACL rupture of my right knee.4 days after the surgery, my Physical therapy program was started.In a short time as 1 month,I returned to my regular life; now it is 2 months over.I continue my sports activities, besides limits, in a comfortable way.I am grateful to all the physioterapists and the staff for their care and efforts to regain my health.”



Sevgi BÜRÜNGÜZ (Photogragher)

“With its debonair and  skilled physiotherapists and staff,Sportomed makes you forget your pains and injuries.I cannot imagine any other pleasent place for physical therapy as Sportomed.Thanks and so glad to know you Sportomed:)”


Erdi ŞEHİT (Football Player-Sakaryaspor-U16 National Football Team)ı)

“Sportomed is a place where you forget your injury.The physiotherapists are so nice and friendly,the atmosphere is wonderful.I am recovering and having nice friendships here.”



Samet GÜZEL (Portuguese Tutor-Advertiser-Sportsman)

“When I see Sportomed and its smiling staff,I continually want to be injured:)).Thanks to the efforts of the team.I am getting well,owing to you. ”


Uğur BORAL (Football Player-Beşiktaş J.K.)

“Sportomed is my greatest supporter.Every athlete needs it….”



Alex de SOUZA (Football player-Fenerbahçe S.C.)

“My choise concerning my injuries is of course Sportomed.Besides this, I also lend my family in their skilled hands.Thanks Sportomed…”



Ayten ÇAMLIDERE (Retired Pharmacolog)

“During my therapy at Suadiye Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation center,I would like to express my gratitude for all the friendly staff who are specialised and skilled in their job;for their smilig,good-humoured,suave and warm attitude and efforts they served for their patients’ fastest recovery,with the support of modern technologic equipment,scientific methods and the necessities of medical ethics and deontology.”



Barış İÇER (Tourism Professional)

“I visited Sportomed on recommendation of my physicians after the ACL surgery of my left knee.Owing to the professonal team and meticulously done rehabilitation program, I could recuperate in a short time.It is reassuring to be treated in a clean place and in skilled hands… ”


Ali İhsan ÖZKANCA (Football Player)

“Sportomed is a perfect clinic for an athlete to resume to sports in a healthy and reassured way after a sports injury.

The methods they use and the place is very nice.I am grateful to all the physiotherapists who were included in my therapy program.”



Ege ÖZIŞIK (Student-Fenerbahçe magazine Editor)

“I was unhappy when I first visited Sportomed because of my disability, but in a short while it was over.You get such a warm and sincere dialogue with the medical team and all the staff that you take more than you give.Besides this,if you are interested in sports,you shall have a chance to meet and speak to the best athletes in their own fields.”



Kseniya POZNYAK (Volleyball player-Azerbaijan National Team)

“I am so glad to have chosen Sportomed after my surgery.The best physicians,outstanding physiotherapists care the patients attentively.

They not only rehabilitate,but also give psycologic support to their patients.Thanks for everything. ”



Oksana PARKHAMENKO KURT  (Volleyball plater-Azerbaijan National Team)

“Several months ago I had a serious knee injury,I was operated and later I visited Sportomed.People working here are so nice and specialist in their field.The are friendly and smiling and give psycologic support to the patients.They care their patients attentively.My rehabilitation program progressed in a short time.Now I feel much beter.I have to work more but they promised me to  resume to sports in the end.Thanks very much to all the physiotherapists and the staff. ”



Caner ERCAN (Basketball player-Royal Halı Gaziantep B.Ş.B.)

“Following my injury,I found myself in Sportomed,which I heard was the best.The staff is amiable and professional.They are exerting all the effort they can to cure me.There is a warm family atmosphere here that makes me feel at ease.I know I will be treated attentively here…

Thanks sportomed”



Şükran ALBAYRAK (Basketball Player-Fenerbahçe and National Team-Sports Tv Speaker)

“If it is not  the first time you came here,you are also a sports fan like me! You force the physical conditions and if you don’t,you are not yourself no matter if you are professonal or amateur!,15 or 45 years old…In case it is your first visit, ‘Dobra Dosli (Welcome) Bring your nice chat and smiley face with you.Let the Sportomed take care of you.”



Cansu KÖKSAL (Basketball Player-Fenerbahçe S.C.-U 18 National basketball Team

“By means of specialized physiotherapists in their fields and  the therapy they introduce with care and debonair for every patient,I cannot estimate how the time passes.Sportomed makes me feel physically and pysicologically well.Thank you to all the Sportomed family.”