Sportomed Fizik Tedavi ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezleri

Every patient;

  • Every patient has the right to;
  • Benefit from the activities for promotion of healthy life and preventive medical services in the framework of justice and equity.
  • Reach service in equality; without considering race,language,religion,sect,gender,political and phylosophical beliefs and socio-economic status,
  • Be informed about the services and possibilities given,
  • To choose and change the health care department if necessary,
  • To get information about the doctors and other health staff,their identifications,status and duties and to choose and change them.
  • Get verbal or written information,considering his/her health situation.
  • Intimacy; receive health service confidentially,
  • Receive medical care with consent,
  • Reject and terminate the procedure,
  • Security; receive health service in a safe environment.
  • Fulfill his/her religious services; within the possibilities and precautions taken by the establishment,
  • To receive medical care with respect,kindness,solicitude from good-humoured,nice, merciful health staff,
  • To receive medical service in a hygienic and comfortable environment.
  • To receive visitors according to the rules and procedures of the establishment,
  • Within the possibilities of health establishment and consent of the physician,the patient can claim an attendant,
  • In case of violation of his/her rights,has a right to consult,complain and to sue,within the limits of legislation,
  • In case of necessity, has right to receive health service.