Sportomed Fizik Tedavi ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezleri

Sportomed gives service in Istanbul Beşiktaş,Fulya in the European side and Kadıköy,Suadiye in the Asian side.The addresses and telephone numbers of our clinics are given below:

Sportomed Fulya:
Yeşil Çimen Sokak Polat Towers No.12 D.418 Fulya-Şişli/Istanbul
Tel. 0(212) 219 68 66

Sportomed Suadiye:
Bağdat Caddesi No.471/2-3 Dipşar Apt.Suadiye Kadıköy/Istanbul
Tel. 0(216) 373 66 16

We give service to all patients who need Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.Besides sports injuries,all the injuries in our daily life and disabilities and deformities that can be encountered in every age group,are taken care elaborately by our specialised physiatrists and physiotherapists.

Yes,you need an appointment before coming. Our patient consultants are willing to answer all your questions.

We have agreement with most of the health agencies.You can visit our website of ‘Contracted Agencies’ to check your Insurance.

No,we don’t have an agreement with SGK.You can refer to our website page of ‘Contracted Agencies’

In case your doctor didn’t inform you,our physiatrists and physiotherapists will enlighten you of the rehabilitation program. When you first visit our clinic,we advise you to bring all your reports; MR,Ultrasound,X-ray scans with you.


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